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Hello!  Yo!  What's up?!

You are lucky to have found one of the only photography couples in Fargo!!

But we are lucky that you found us!

We are Sam and Jay, Co-Founders of WyldFox Lifestyle  Photography based in Fargo, North Dakota.


The first thing to know about us is that we don't just want this to be a transaction of money for photos.  We want to build a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship. 

To do the type of photography we do, we need to get to know you.  

We capture your life's authentic moments and tell your story through our photography.


So if that piques your interest, you should get to know us!


We have two boys often featured in our instagram feed, Fox and Fenix!



So that beautiful, heterochromia iridum-eyed, wonder is Samantha.  When I say she is my better half, there couldn't be truer words spoken.  I was a reckless, borderline disaster of a person until I met her!  My life had little purpose or direction, but all of that changed when I met Sam.  She is my partner in life, in our family, and in photography (albeit I would say all partnerships are like a 80/20 split, with her doing the lioness's share).  We work because she is the most understanding, caring, selfless, and loving person I've ever met!  I am basically the antithesis of that and not even that easy to be around (for longer than your photo session will take) - so she is ultimately the only person for me, as she is the ultimate!

Sam is amazing in so many ways that I couldn't list them all here.

But what you need to know in terms of her approach to photography is that she will lose sleep and gain anxiety to make sure you receive photos that you will love!

- Jay


He's kind of alright.

- Sam