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We've all seen them before - the picture perfect sleeping newborn images.  Sometimes they are adorably swaddled, sometimes unceremoniously shoved into a watermelon.  Instagram and Pinterest are notoriously filled with 1000's of these images.  While an image of your newborn sleeping in a bucket can be stunning, we feel that does not paint a true picture of your sweet newborns... unless you carry it in a bucket.  We want to show the REAL moments of the newborn phase.  We want to capture all of those in-between moments that are sometimes overlooked and easily forgotten, especially during the first couple of weeks that you bring your sweet little home from the hospital.

At WyldFox, we strive to capture the raw, real, and organic moments of parenthood through our in-home lifestyle sessions.

What is a newborn lifestyle-session? These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.  We are focused on capturing the beautiful connection between your new baby and your family.

lifestyle newborn photography fargo, north dakota

Fargo lifestyle photographer capturing newborn seession

Where is the best place in my house to capture these moments? We typically like to set up in a master bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, or any cozy spot in the house that has lots of natural light.  When we first arrive, we will scope out some spots that we think will produce the best results.  We can use our off camera flash if you don't have adequate lighting, but natural lighting is preferred.
Fargo lifestyle photography sleeping baby

What should our baby wear for the session? Anything soft and comfy.  We typically tell our clients to stick with a neutral color palette (creams, greys, whites, soft pastels, etc.) and of course if you want to add in a pop of color by all means, GO FOR IT! If you need any advice or tips on styling -- send us a message, we love to help with that and do so at no extra cost!
What should we wear for the session? Same general idea here for parents or siblings.  Sticking with a neutral color palette will help keep the focus on your baby and family.  Coordinating (think pleasing color combos, not everyone wearing the same duck pajamas) your family outfits is also a really important aspect in how the final images turn out.

What is the best time of day for these sessions? We typically like to shoot these sessions in the morning or early afternoon.  As we mentioned previously, we are all about utilizing natural light and feel that mornings are the best way for us to take advantage of that.  Not to mention, kids get hangry.  Working in the AM can get some cooperation before they get upset they haven't caught that goldfish yet.
Will you pose our baby in any way? We will not be doing any posing during these sessions. We like to keep things as natural as possible when photographing newborns. This means we just want you to interact with your baby. You love on them and we'll capture it. We also love to capture the fleeting moments of the newborn phase. The little fingers, toes, and even ear fuzz are just some of the absolute sweetest details that we so soon forget. You will receive many of these detail shots, so as not to forget them, because time seems to go by far too quickly after our little ones make their arrival.
Also, due to the coronavirus situation, we would not feel comfortable posing your baby. If this is the type of newborn photo desired, we can suggest other local photographers in this style.

Can siblings be involved in these sessions? 1000% YES!!  We want to capture your whole family.  Moments with the siblings are just as important to photograph!  Again, these are not posed moments.  We will capture them playing with toys, reading books, or just being silly with mom and dad.  And if one of pesky temper tantrum happens (which we totally understand with two children of our own), do not fret... just comfort them and we'll keep shooting.  They actually make for some amusing captures to look back at and laugh at!

When should we book our session? It's never too early to book your session with us.  We will typically set up a placeholder date for you to book, as we usually wouldn't know for sure when your little will make their arrival. The best age for these sessions is between 1-2 weeks old.  At this age, babies are (generally... HOPEFULLY!) still in a sleepy phase.  But even if you have a wakeful baby during our session... do not worry, because again, we are capturing your newborn exactly as they were and not how they were posed to be.

At WyldFox we truly believe that every family is unique and amazing, and as such, we want to provide one of a kind tailored sessions specifically for your family! One way in which we do that is through our pre-session consultations. These consultations are typically around 30 minutes and are very laid back get to know you sessions. We feel that these help with the comfort level on the day of your session (especially with kids!).

We do recognize that sometimes schedules do not allow for additional things such as the consultation, so we have a questionnaire that we send to any first time clients which allows us to get a little bit of insight as the session you are envisioning so that we can create a session that will be a wonderful experience for everyone!

If you have any other questions regarding our lifestyle newborn sessions please do not hesitate to reach out to us - we are more than happy to talk through any questions you may have!





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