Meet the Millers

One of the most enjoyable moments for us is when a client’s vision is in line with our vision. So when we discovered that the Miller family was looking for photos that can show all of the love and chaos that makes up a family, we knew we would be a good fit.

We want to know our clients. We request our clients to fill out a questionnaire and to have a video visit prior to our sessions. We want to capture true moments between family members and finding a little face time pre-session is a big assistance to this. Our client video call with Miller family did not disappoint! We got to a meet a fun family full of enough love to spread between all seven members! The kids had fun asking us questions and we all chatted about whatever various topics five kids will think up! The day of the session was no different.

We feel that Wyld Fox specializes in letting kids be kids during our sessions. Through some discussion, we discovered this was something the Millers appreciated. We never expect kids to be prim and proper just because someone is taking a photo! We don’t even believe that the perfect photo is filled with perfect smiles and perfect poses. We believe that the perfect photo is the one that showcases genuine heart, something the Miller family has in spades.

We were able to capture some moments of the kids showing off their skills and taking a real interest in these new photographer friends. Their personalities shone through and we made sure to capture as many moments of the Millers' love and chaos as we could!

What you see in these photos are the true interactions of a loving family. We never told anyone to smile and gave almost zero prompting. We believe ourselves lucky to have had the chance to capture such a splendid bunch. We want to say congratulations on 10 years of marriage and wish you all a lifetime of the cute moments we witnessed in our short time together!

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