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Who are we?

Considering most people don't book us just because they see how adorable we are,

not only as partners in WyldFox, but also in real-life!...

this space is better used for this:

What can we provide to you that other photographers cannot?

The true art in our work comes from our partnership.


Something as small as the first email is looked at by both of us.  Is this efficient?  Absolutely not! 

But in that moment, we aren't looking to respond as fast as possible, we are both reading your email and making sure to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

During every shoot, both of us will take photos since our eyes see different aspects. 

This is another reason why so many clients notice a real unique quality to a WyldFox photo session. 

So although you have the vision of two photographers at every shoot,

we form it into a cohesive WyldFox vision by the time we've delivered your gallery. 


This is something you do not get with a single photographer session.


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